Valentine Date Ideas From A Minimalist

When life pulls you in a million and one directions, it’s nice to know that you can dedicate one man-made holiday in February with the one you love. Since adopting Minimalism, I am always hearing that because I’m a minimalist I don’t celebrate these kinds of holidays. What do “these kinds” of holidays even mean? I love Valentines Day.

Whether you are celebrating with the one you love, the ones you love, or the ones you love plus your  bestests of friends, there is something for everyone.

On a side note, which one of my date ideas below should I plan for my love <3!!!?

The Great Food Crawl. The rules are simple; drinks, appetizers, entree, dessert, and night cap all have to be at a different location.

A Heart Attack Attack. Show our love to friends and family in town by ambushing their front door and porch with heart cut outs, heart cookies, and things we love about them. The trick is not to get caught.

Because We Are Ten. Kickball tournament with friends, a fort building competition, and a fire big enough for everyone to roast hot dogs and marshmallows.

Chef Don’t Burn The House Down. Another competition amongst friends. Each couple brings ingredients to make something and pours them on the table. One couple by one you get to choose two items until all items are gone. Who will make the best dish?

FOUR or is it FORE? Head to the driving range to see who can hit a golf ball the furthest followed up with a cold drink and nachos that are not good for you.

Escape or Else. Challenge the way you work together with an escape room date. Whether you win or lose there better be burgers and milkshakes afterwards.