Digital Minimalism - Clean Up Quickie

A major step that many minimalists suggest you take when you are first starting out on your journey is to unsubscribe from tempting emails. I also don’t have that much time, because much like the mindless snacking you did while binge watching Prison Break (just me, ugh) they tend to multiply quickly without even noticing. That is when my best friend introduced me to Unroll.Me.

This isn’t a sponsored post, this isn’t an ad, this is me telling you that I have saved your junk mail life. This sucker is amazing, and I’ve officially unsubscribed from *omg* 96 emails. Everything from back when I was getting married (seven years ago people), to my most recent on the list by default because I bought something clause.

I feel free.

I feel liberated.

And I can now check being a digital minimalist off my list too.

Your turn - click here and thank me in the morning