Minimalist Star Wars Party

In a galaxy not so far away, moms everywhere tend to panic as time ticks closer to your child's birthday party. Pinterest makes you feel inadequate, and the bright photos with cheery how-tos distract you from the joy of remembering why you are throwing the party in the first place, your little's birthday.

Jedi Logan 12.jpg

As a tradition, we allow our son to choose his birthday party theme. We put four photos on the computer, and then he decides. This year, it was all about Star Wars. I did what every mother does, I went straight to Pinterest and created a board. There were cookies, cakes, galaxy backdrops, and so on and so on. I started to feel overwhelmed. So I decided to try and take a minimalist approach to his party.

My first step was choosing a color scheme and sticking with that. By selecting the color scheme, I was able to skip over anything that "looked cool," but wasn't a fit for the party. I choose classic stormtrooper colors, black and white. I also added BB-8 Orange as an accent. 

Once I checked off the color scheme, I found some easy to Pinterest to do's, that I knew wouldn't be a #PinterestFail. I settled with Stormtrooper gift bags, a vast May The Force Be With You sign and lightsaber bubbles. 

Jedi Logan 11.jpg

I made the balloon frames the night before by sewing the balloons together, yes, sewed them. I wish I could explain how I did it, but it is like a one night stand -- you just don't remember or repeat. With the balloons done, the morning of the party was stress-free. I moved the furniture in our living room since (bonus) its one long room so I could make a "dining hall." Then I put cheese its, star wars gummies and a color pack in one of the homemade goody bags and called for pizza. 

After Jedi training, which I highly recommend -- we said Happy Birthday, visited with friends and called it a day. I will never go back to trying to overdue parties again. By using my minimalism golden rule (Always pay for experience over things) while planning this party, I still have people talking about the Jedi training and meeting Kylo and Rey. 

Jedi Logan 6.jpg