Disney Cruise - Marvel Day At Sea

Snag tickets early to meet Groot. My son has in awe, if you couldn't tell.

Snag tickets early to meet Groot. My son has in awe, if you couldn't tell.

I'm going to tell you the real reason we booked a Disney cruise. It wasn't for the kids 5th birthday, it was because us, the parents, were able to meet superheroes!! We had heard that the Disney Magic was offering Marvel Day at Sea and we were hooked. A full day of being immersed in the Marvel Universe was precisely the way to our nerdy hearts. 

We were one of the first groups that sailed out with a Marvel Day at Sea, so there wasn't a mass overload of what to expect on Social Media or YouTube which was both exciting and horrifying. How did we do vacation without getting perspective on what to expect? It felt so old school.

As with any Disney cruise, you receive a navigator each day. The navigator is a printed newsletter with a full layout of what to expect on or off the boat the next day. As the second evening was wearing down, we received our navigator, covered in superhero propaganda. This was it, this was what we came for. So we ordered room service, pulled out our navigator and began to plan the day. We knew what we already had because we pre-registered for the New York meet and greeted which included  Iron Man, Spiderman, and Black Panther, as well as the Groot Meet and Greet. Everything else though was up for us to decide what to do. 

When we woke up the next morning, we woke up to a buzz. So many people were scurrying around after breakfast grasping their navigators tight, scarfing down their food and getting ready for the day. With our Captain America shirts on, belly full of Mickey waffles and a glass of water tanked -- we venture out. Since that now makes me a one-time seasoned pro, here are some tips for you. 

1. Get up early. I know, you are on vacation, but grab some breakfast and lace up your sneaks for a whirlwind of a day.

2. Circle your top 3. You may not get to everything, especially if you have young kids. They will get tired. Circle your top 3 adventures and then roll with the rest of the day. We knew we wanted to meet Loki and Captain America, see the Star Spangled Man show and not miss dinner at Animators Palette. 

3. Be ready for surprises. They happen ALL day. We ran into Guardians of the Galaxy characters, Gamora and Peter Quill. Dr. Strange showed up behind us, and Mickey and Minnie changed their outfits to be superheroes. 

4. The evening deck show. Wow. I have no tip for this other than get there and watch it. You should not miss this extraordinary show. It's the best way to cap off the night. 

5. Let your child(ren) go to the kids club. I know you may want to bring them to all of the meet and greets, activities, etc. But, they will have so much more fun in the kids club, even for a short time. I had my son in the kids club for an hour. While he was there, he got to have Avenger training with SHIELD agents, colored with Captain America and learned spy skills from Black Widow. With the lack of kids in the kids club, he had close to one-on-one time. This is a time for you to have lunch uninterrupted and allows them some alone time too. 

We had a truly incredible time during Marvel Day at Sea. We were able to get limited edition pins, shirts, and find out that not all Disney cruisers understand that the Justice League isn't Disney. I hope you plan on a Marvel Day at Sea because you'll 100% miss out on something unique.