Disney Cruise - First Time Lessons

If I was a betting woman, I would bet that this is probably the tenth blog you've read during your initial Google search of; First Time Disney Cruiser. Am I right? Don't worry, I too was in your shoes because you book your cruise so far in advance, you have nothing but time to research, research and research your research.

Lucky for you, I boarded the Disney Magic in February of 2018 for a 5-day adventure. I too read so many tips and, while the tip about the soup being addictive is correct, some of the other tips we didn't try and got by just fine. So for my family of 3, here is what we learned.

1. Remember who your family is and what you do on a daily basis. That tip someone left about bringing your containers for water, etc. That is great if your family is used to carrying containers around. The suggestion that said to order the cake of the day from room service. That is great if your family likes to eat sweets. But, if not, think about your family and what you do on a daily basis; use that to transfer over tips you read into valuable suggestions.

2. Don't skip the shows. My favorite part of the cruise were the shows. All of them, such high caliber, well-done shows. Our family doesn't regularly go to live shows or watch musicals, but the magic alone mesmerizes you enough to become a fan of live productions. 

3. Don't overpack. I found that I needed a day outfit (swimsuit and coverup) an evening outfit (casual dress with a zip up hoodie) and PJs. When it comes to shoes, slides, and vans. I had a few other layering pieces here and there, but I didn't overpack, and with all the things you come back with, I'm glad.

3. Give in to the magic of the mouse. This is more for the non-believers (you know who you are). Let it go (no pun intended) and enjoy the fantasy of being in the house of the mouse. Look around and see the wonder through everyone's eyes and give in, even just for awhile.

4. Go to things you wouldn't usually go to. There are so many options including 90's sitcom trivia, a baby crawling competition, arts and crafts, and even bingo. So many so that you may stick to what you know. Don't do it! Find something on the list and try it out, isn't that what vacation is for?

5. Buy something from the gift shop. Personally, I say stock up on exclusive cruise pins, but I love me some pins (something I knew nothing about before the cruise). When the crew came out in their whites and had lanyards with pins around their necks ready to trade, I was hooked, bought ten pins and got to work. 

6. Get the popcorn. Yes, get the popcorn, but this is more of a statement than actually telling you to get the popcorn. There are some small things on the boat that you will pay for and while yes if you are not mindful it can add up, but a lot of tips give you ways around these things. Don't stress yourself out and if you end up getting the popcorn, it will be ok. 

7. Photo Package. Suck it up, buy the pre-pay package and get all of your photos. It will be worth it. 

What were your lessons learned? What tips would you share with new cruisers?