Bored Of Me Project - I Booked It

Not my photo, I borrowed from the Tulip Festival's Facebook Page!

Not my photo, I borrowed from the Tulip Festival's Facebook Page!

When it comes to other people's wants and dreams, I am the first person to line up and help them achieve it. By day, I work in marketing and communications, so you could say it is my job to make people look good. I get to share stories, triumphs and give people an insight look into whatever they may be looking into at the time.

I love what I do, but I also have realized, when it comes to personal want's and dreams. I either don't know what I want, or I am so afraid to seek out what I want because then I'll be faced with figuring out what is next. That scares me. Can you believe that? Then I had to stop myself. Every day I have to figure out what is next. I'm always trying to find the next story, the next consumer stats, but I can't get over the mental block I have about my own "what's next" in life.

For awhile now, I've read about the Tulip Fields in Skagit, Washington and as a part of this project, I promised myself that I would get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Which means, booking tickets to go Washington. I know, I'm a wild woman. The festival is full of tulip fields for as far as the eye can see. Beautiful rolling hills and small town activities that make you appreciate such a beautiful gift that the world provides for us. They have a Tulip Festival starting on April 1st and going throughout the rest of the month and I want to see it and photograph as much as I can.

When I mentioned this idea to my husband, he agreed we should go. He lives his life this way and I'm jealous of his assurance. I was hesitant, the doubts flooded in my mind. What if it isn't what I thought it was? What if I can't find another unique place to visit? What if my family doesn't enjoy their time there? My husband held my shoulders, looked me in the eyes and said "Please, plan this trip as if a client asked you to plan a weekend away."

When he said that, something in my mind switched. I stopped having self doubt and realized what he was saying might actually work. His comment fueled my fire to make the most out of this weekend trip. Which lead me to tell him we should visit Canada as well. So, coming soon, a trip to Skagit, Washington and Vancouver, Canada. I am not on the planning train, reading all I can about the festival and things not to miss while visiting. 

I'd love to hear if you've been to this festival or Vancouver! I'll take planning tips. We are booked.