Bored Of Me Project - Learning Mindfulness


Dr. Suess once said, "Sometimes you never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory." 

Memories are the lifeline in my daily life. I know I subconsciously use the idea of memories as a crutch to fully experience living in the moment. By nature, I photograph everything. As I'm flipping through the multitudes of photos that I've taken on my phone, I realized that I could remember taking aa picture at the event or lunch or wine night, but I don't know what happened during. Was there good conversation? Did I enjoy what I was eating or drink? Then it dawned on me. I was living for a memory. I was searching for the next activity to capture so I could have something to talk about later.

I consulted Google and found that I was suffering from a severe case called lack of mindfulness syndrome. Okay, not so much a syndrome, but I wasn't mindful of my own life. Coincidently just a couple of days later my husband came home with a magazine; Mindfulness Made Simple. I didn't pick up this magazine for over two weeks, and then as I sat alone in the evening before I bed, I cracked it open and started to read. 

As if the magazine was meant for me at that very moment, I have to admit I streamed a couple of tears. Everything that I was reading cultivated into some of the main reasons why I am proceeding with this project. With my eternal day-to-day frenzied existence, my lack of ability to stop multitasking and focus on what is at hand and living by thinking what others may think of what I'm doing. 

Here are some interesting stats that jumped out to me:

1 in 3 adults doesn't get enough sleep. To much screen time, not enough downtime. 
American's take four fewer vacation days per year than in 2000, and when they are on vacation, they still produce "significant" amount of work, so they are not behind when they get back.
More Americans are working past age 65 for fear of mental and financial concerns.
People who use social media from 2005 - now has jumped from 7 percent to 65 percent.

As alarming as these all are, people won't make a change until they decide to make a difference in their life. Which is where I am, and I'm hoping anyone who reads this starts down the path to deciding to make a change for the better. I'll be going through the mindfulness series this magazine offers and documenting on here. There are five journey's I'm committing too:

1. Discover Mindfulness - Exploring the art of slowing down and digging into my world. Being aware and taking out the mental trash.
2. Finding my Focus - Starting to learn simple techniques to bring myself to a mindful state. I'll work on meditation, mental exercises and breathing. 
3. Rethink Myself - As I start to learn how to take charge of my mind and body more, I want to improve sleep quality, emotions, and habits. 
4. Improve My Influence - This section will have me learning to move my relationships with many types of people to proceed down a positive path.
5. Change Your World - The last part will leverage everything I've learned to continue to produce meaningful change across all areas of my life.

This journey is my marathon and I'm going to start with a light jog. If you have any tips on mediation or have taken a mindful class before, I'd love to hear from you.!