Financials for an Independent Woman

If you grew up in the 90's, I feel like we were gipped. We didn't have any bad ass princesses to look up too. No, we have fairytale princesses where a man comes and swoops in to take you to live in their castle with no worries. I can't wait to see the girls of today grow up and ultimately slay life. They have so many kick-ass role models to look up to. But, none of those role models are as impactful as a mother figure. So whether you have littles at home, you didn't have a mother figure, or you are trying to figure out the world of finances. These tips will help you on your way.

1. Don't be afraid of money. Throughout your life at any age money will come and go. Whether you lose a job and have to dip into savings or you secure a promotion that comes with extra zeros. Money isn't to be feared by any means because self-finance is a skill anyone can master in time. You need to work on the art of forecasting. Learning how to foresee ways to earn more, your savings goal and what you want to retire with is first and foremost. Spending time with a reputable financial advisor at any age is beneficial. It will be the best money you spend.

2. You are your dollar. Do we all wish a Prince Charming would sweep us up and take care of us in a castle with maids, butlers, chefs and pool boys? Well, yes, but let's be real. Rarely will that be the case. Practice and teach others that saving is vital to long-term financial success. Start a 401k in your 20's, even if it's $25 a week. Skip the coffee shop and put those $4 in a piggy bank (it is fun to have one at this age). It adds up when you get to the end. 

3. Value your value. In today's society, gender equality in the workplace is a hot topic. Sadly, as we learn every day, women are still hugely underpaid. Know your worth, do not back down and fight until someone sees your worth too. Working for peanuts is not the kind of society we want to leave for the upcoming generation, this is our time. Practice in the mirror, arm yourself with data and get in front of your boss to level off your pay.

4. Understand the lifetime cost. This is a crucial tip to being financially sound. Understand what something will cost you throughout its lifetime. Does a puppy sound good? Well, yes, it is a puppy, but did you think about how long this puppy will be around and what comes along with that? The cost of food, medicine, vet bills, grooming, toys, etc.? Is that something you want to take on? If not, find a place to volunteer and get your puppy snuggles in. The same goes for cars, a home, kids, etc. Be armed with the financial outline of how each long-term addition will affect you. 

These tips are not here to frighten anyone or shy you away from any choice you may make in your life. They are here to help you repurpose your thoughts on finances. Because frankly, it is inspirational to watch women take the proverbial bull by the horns and sort out their finances to live independently. Being in control financially is not something to be ashamed of, in fact, it is something you should talk about regularly with friends, family and the little girls who look up to you.