Being Kind Doesn't Cost More Than $1

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A simple act of kindness can not only bring fulfillment in someone else's life, but it can also bring it into yours. These days, the news seems to only point toward the negative. It isn't until you seek out positive news stories that you find something that re-energizes your hope for society. One thing you may not think about, you are in the driver's seat to create your own hope by leading by example.

Here are ten ways you can be kind without it costing you more than one dollar:

1. Leave positive notes in the women's room (girls only). Scraps of paper, post it notes, or lipstick on the mirror. Post positivity on a real life wall instead of a digital one. Phrases such as You Are Beautiful, Your Strength Shines Through, Today Is Your Day, can make all the difference for someone who needs a pick me up.

2. Hold the door open. This one may sound boring, but if you watch people in busy areas, you will start to see them walk faster to avoid having to hold a door open. I've even witnessed people walk to a different door because someone was holding something and they didn't want to hold the door for two seconds. 

3. Write a letter. Not an email, not a text, and actual hand written letter. Find someone that means something to you (mom, sister, aunt, best friend, the list goes on), and send them a heartfelt thinking of you letter. 

4. Volunteer. Many organizations wouldn't be able to continue operations if they didn't have volunteers. Find something you are passionate about, call them, and get started.

5. Let someone have your parking spot. It is a busy parking lot, you spot someone coming out of a prime location, but you are met with another car. Smile, wave them over, and find another spot. If it is far away from the store, you at least can get your steps in.

6. Tell someone I Love You. These three words can make someone pause and reflect. It is something most people say in passing, but look at the person in the eyes and tell them you love them.

7. Take your shopping cart back. If you borrowed the cart while shopping, take it to the cart return or walk it back to the front. Nothing is worse than watching workers walk all around for one cart here and one cart there. You took the responsibility. You follow through with returning it.

8. Compliment a stranger. How many times have you seen a hair color, style, a cute pair of shoes, or an outfit on a stranger and said nothing? This time, compliment them.

9. Tip at the coffee shop. If you are buying a cup of coffee, put $1 in the tip jar. Even though they make minimum wage, every little bit helps. Someone may see you put a tip in which could cause a chain reaction throughout the day.

10. Learn basic sign language. Watch a YouTube video and learn the alphabet in sign language. If you run into someone who is hearing impaired, you can at least tell them your name and hello. It means more than you think.

Your turn. What kind things can people do that cost less than $1? Comment below!