4 Tips When Visiting Heidelberg, Germany

Travel just outside of Frankfurt and you will find Heidelberg. It is hands down one of the most romantic places in Germany. Home to the oldest University in Germany, it also homes the largest wine barrel in the world. As you drive on the autobahn, which is a unique experience itself, you will turn the corner into this quaint town that may take your breath away. We spent a half a day here, and this is what we recommend.

1. Take a Castle/Downtown Tour

If you are not spending long enough in one location to learn about the life of the city, It's worth having someone knowledgeable with you to fill in the blanks. We took a tour off Viator.com and could not have been any happier. The guide gave us history lessons at the right times. We learned about the castle, the city, and it's origin, what was inside the castle, and it's significance. During our travels to the downtown area, she gave us ideas on how to spend our free time, where to snag a snack and most importantly the best place to take photos. The four hours we spent with her was priceless. We learned so much more than trying to venture out on our own.

2. Bring a Lock

Lovelock bridges are everywhere in Europe. None more special in Germany than Heidelberg.  They don't sell locks anywhere downtown that we could find, but if you brought one, you were among the lucky that could lock their love forever. 

3. Find The Student's Kiss

My favorite part about Heidelberg was their downtown area. The shops are small and quaint. Grab a coffee (or in my case a sandwich) and walk all of the little alleyways. You need to find a chocolate shop called Heidelberger Studentenku8. The chocolatier created a delicious chocolate delight, which he impishly called the StudentĀ“s Kiss. Given as a present, it was such an exquisite, gallant token of affection that men would flock to purchase and give to the lady they wanted in their life. Hearing the stories and seeing the chocolate shop was one of my favorites. 

4. Must Take Photos

There are two photos that you need to take. The first is a cityscape of Heidelberg. You can get the best view if you take the castle tour. The second is when you are downtown on the bridge. If you look up, you will be able to get a photo of the castle that you were just visiting. Seeing the stark contrast gives you a villagers perspective of those who lived in the castle. 

Have you been to Heidelberg? Share your thoughts in the comments!