Overviewing The World Of Digital Marketing

I was having coffee a couple of days ago, and I overheard a group of business men talking about business things. One of their comments was mind boggling to me. They said, "My team want's to put more into the digital side, I'm old school, I have no idea what that means." Having a digital marketing background, I was baffled. Granted, if it would have been someone else field of study I didn't understand and I said the same thing, that person would have been baffled at me. Of course, me being me, I jumped in and introduced myself. We ended up talking digital marketing for an hour. 

This is how the conversation went. Whether you hear about Digital Marketing from your team or you are trying to persuade a traditional marketing mentality more into the digital world, I have a few basic pieces of information that can help anyone understand why it’s important. 

1.     Websites – Every business should have one. If not, please do yourself a favor and get one. No one will trust a brand that doesn’t have a website. Remember a Facebook page is NOT considered a website. Interesting story, I had a consultation with a doctor, and he didn’t have a website. I was shocked and had to know more. So I asked him why and his response was “My patients are over 55 years old.” If you can imagine my jaw dropping, then you would be correct. The 2013 government census found out that households with people 45-64 years old used the Internet 78.7% of the time. And with people 65 years and older it only dropped to 58.3%, that is over half of the people you are targeting.  Your website creates your brand's identity on your terms. Why would you want someone else telling your story?

2.     SEO –SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is one of the key factors in determining your websites presence is on search engine sites like Google or Yahoo. There is a strategy behind SEO, and it is of vital importance in a world filled with websites to have a good plan. Ask the right questions and get a killer SEO person or you won’t be coming up on the front page of Google anytime soon.

3.     Content Creation – Let me get on my soapbox for a second. CREATE CONTENT FOR YOUR WEBSITE! Okay, my bad but honestly I can’t understand why people do not take advantage of being the expert in their field. People naturally crave new information, it’s in their DNA, and if they are on your site, they obviously like what you have to say. So say it, and say it loud.

4.     Social Media –Social Media is a virtual cheerleader. Put your best look forward; yell it out to a crowd. Then people secretly will look, and when they figure out, you're not as unapproachable as they may have thought you get discussions, comments, and likes. Facebook is for sharing and starting the conversation; Twitter is a news feed and allows for you to share your brief thoughts and content links. If you are in a visual industry, head over Pinterest or Instagram and start your fan base.

5.     Digital Advertising – Here is where it gets difficult to explain why budget needs to be shifted from traditional ads to digital ads. The quickest piece of advice I have for you is to ask them one question in a budget meeting. How do you track a newspaper ad or a billboard? When they all look baffled just interject this; with digital ads, I can track how many people click on them and where they are coming from. I can also figure out conversion rate. Then drop the mic, well maybe not that extreme, but they may start to get the point.