Millennials in the marketing world

Taking the right step forward instead of spiraling backwards is a necessity. 

Taking the right step forward instead of spiraling backwards is a necessity. 

You see that millennial marketer sitting near you? The one that you think is trying to take your job? Can you start giving them a little break? Stop looking at them as a little overzealous to move up in the company, pushy when they speak up in meetings or being cocky when they talk. Instead see them as ambitious, smart, willing, passionate, and knowledgeable.  Millennial Marketers bring something different, and if you utilize this correctly your brand will boom.

Consider this fact, a millennial was born in an era where the traditional method of everything was shaken up and grew up watching everything being challenged. Millennials are not overconfident, they are not self-centered, they’re optimistic and they adapt quicker to the ever-changing technological world than any other generation by leaps and bounds.

Millennials approach life stages differently, they see changes on the horizon and prepare for them differently, and they are more interested in relationships and people over sales and data.

Do you know why you continue to butt heads with a millennial marketer? I can give you one insight; your company may be trying to continue to market to potential consumers in a traditional sense. While your millennial marketer is trying to branch out in a non-traditional method that you don’t understand and probably are afraid to ask for fear of not looking superior enough.

One may argue that traditional marketing is still effective for generations above millennials, and they would be right. However, I want you to consider two things. The generations above millennials are creature comforts. Not many of them want to try new things, and you have a harder sell because of that. And, secondly the generation that has spawned the technological advances in digital and non-traditional marketing methods are millennials. Which means the generations to come will be following loosely in their footsteps.

Millennial Marketers understand their peers and the peers coming after them a not traditional at all. They are not going to college right after high school; they are not all getting married before living together, having a baby, buying a house, etc. They are following their passions and following their path.

So back to me nudging you to give the millennial marketer a little more credit. Remember they can produce key strategies needed to reach their generation and generations coming up behind them. They know they have to market with passion, happiness, sharing, discovery, and high values. They get the mindset of marketing to people who want to amplify their realities and feel informed and involved.

They are the future. If you don’t allow them to feel ambitious and creative, you will lose them and THAT will be a suffering to your brand.