3 Ways To Stay In Shape During Vacation

We get it, keep pouring the vino and pass the dark chocolate, because vacation mind is unlike any other. It is 100% euphoric, you have a free pass not to think about everyday life, so it is no wonder the phrase "travel calories don't count" was coined. However, ditching out on your daily fitness and healthy eating routine can end up sabotaging you when you get back, and that is a sure fire way to get out of your euphoric quicker than you'd like.

Here are five ways you can stay in shape during your next vacation.

1. Book a Hotel With A Gym

Sounds simple because it is. Almost every major booking site has this as an option for you to check. This way you only have hotel options to book with a gym. Carve out thirty minutes in the morning before you are ready to go for the day and get a toning or weight lifting session in. Bonus, travel experts have proven a workout can help aid in jet lag. 

2. Pack Resistance Bands

No gym, no problem. Target, Walmart, Amazon, and more have small stretchy bands with just enough resistance for pilates in the hotel room. They are so tiny you won't even know you packed them.

3. Sleep and Hydrate

Continue with your sleeping and hydration routine. Of course, it won't be perfect, but too much vino and not enough water or sleep will lead to feeling lethargic. 

4. Go Raw and Clean Once a Day

You will be eating out anywhere from 3-5 times per day. Your body isn't used to the dense meals you will be consistantly feeding it. Pick a meal (usually, lunch is best) and eat raw and clean. Think -- vegetable sticks, greek yogurt, hummus with vegetables, etc. Skip carbs or cooked foods. 

5. Lace Up

You are in a new city. It's time to walk, run, and jog to see it all. Bonus -- did you know those who ran or walked in a new city as their workout reportedly ended up tacking on extra mileage? 

No matter how you shake it, fitness is a part of our lives. Make the steps while you travel, your body will thank you.