5 Tips for Visiting Vatican City

A highlight of visiting Rome is having the honor of visiting Vatican City. Fun fact, did you know that Vatican City is the smallest country in the world. Which means when you visit Rome and head into Vatican City, you, in fact, visited two countries in one day. During a trip to Rome over Easter weekend, we also visited the Vatican. Here are my five tips to get the most out of your visit.

1. Watch Angels and Demons - This may sound silly because it's a motion picture, but if you are not a history buff watching this movie can help you feel more connected during your visit. You will see and hear things in the movie that help you put two and two together during your visit. There are also landmarks around Rome you can look for. It makes you feel more a part of the history oddly enough.

2. Book a tour - While you can make the rounds at the Vatican on your own, if it is your first visit or you've never taken a tour, do it. The guides have so much knowledge. If it weren't for our tour guide, we wouldn't have been given the history of the statue garden and why they existed. The story behind the hall of maps, or the insight to know that if we waited 45 minutes in the Sistine Chapel, we'd be the first in the Basilica without having to stand back in line once the pope left. 

3. Bring a snack and water - Nothing significant, but if you can put a protein bar and some water in your bag, do it. Sometimes it can be a long walk, and there isn't anything to tide you over until you get done. If you are like me, you'll never want to leave. 

4. Learn more about Greek mythology - Just as I told you to watch Angels and Demons, I want you also to look up and learn a little bit about Greek mythology before you go to the Vatican. There are so many amazing statues and stories, to know a bit beforehand would have been beneficial. It will also guide you through the Colosseum too. 

5. Be respectful - I can't believe I am putting this on the list, but with the multitudes of disrespectful people I encountered, I feel that I have too. Don't take pictures in the Sistine Chapel, and it is still a place of worship. Don't try to go through the ropes and touch statues, don't put a selfie stick in the air and bother people. Be respectful, courteous and enjoy the moment instead of living through the tiny screen on your phone.


Have you been to the Vatican? I'd love to hear your thoughts!!!