A Busy Mom's Guide To Finishing Her Degree

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By: Crystal Allen

You spend your college days, studying working, and hanging out with friends. Once it’s all said and done, you’ve earned that degree, and you start your career.  But what happens when starting your family comes first, and you still want to get that degree? 

It might be a little bit harder but is entirely possible to do. I for one know how hard it can be to find time to study and get homework done when one of the kids is sick, and the other one is up all night for no reason, and you’re running on 3 hours of sleep. You are in no mood to even bother with school work. I’ve been there, done that.

I have talked myself out of starting school multiple times, but shortly after my first child was born, I decided that I was going back to school to get my degree and I needed to do it for me just as much as I want to do it for him. Since I had gotten such a late start, I knew it would take time, and as anyone knows, family life and things that go on can make one semester harder than the next.

Step One: Getting focused and create a plan. It is easy to say that you have no time, but when something becomes important to you, you arrange your life to make it work.

Step Two: Take small study breaks and add them up for success. When the kids are napping utilize that time to study. When the kids go to bed, carve out some time for you.

Step Three: Do not be afraid to ask for help. Ask your spouse or a friend to take the little ones to the park, or come watch a movie with them. Anything that can give you an hour to catch up.S

Step Four: Do not overdo it. For me, that is easier said than done but when it comes to setting yourself up for success, it is necessary. Sometimes taking a break even during that time can help reprioritize what you should be doing.

For me personally I've been trying to finish my degree for five years now (mostly online) and even with a break, I am almost done. I have two and half semesters left till I have the degree that I have worked so long and hard for. It may have taken a little bit longer than I like but I know the benefits will pay off once I am ready to jump back into a career. It’s not always going to be easy when you have responsibilities pulling you in different directions, prepping for your future is not something you would ever regret!