Miss Smarty Pants

Career Crush: Amber Azmatt
Occupation: Healthcare Strategy Manager
Years In Occupation: 7

Lifecycle Diaries: Why did you decide you wanted to be in Healthcare?

Amber: I have always had an active interest in personal growth and development. As the field of healthcare continues to grow and morph, I found myself fascinated by the trends, policies, and evolution. During college, it did not take long before I realized healthcare was my calling. I didn’t have the stomach for the clinical side, but the business side was right up my alley. 

LC: What is your favorite part about being a Healthcare Strategy Manager?

A: I enjoy the changing, and at times tumultuous, environment healthcare has to offer. Healthcare touches every human life in one way or another, and as every day goes by, we see more individuals becoming passionate and involved. 

LC: Where does your passion for healthcare come from?

A: It’s intriguing and exciting. No matter how many years of knowledge or experience I may gain, I’ll never know it all. I love the idea unlimited growth and potential.

LC: Beyond being a Healthcare Strategy Manager, how do you want to grow in your industry?

A: I want to start lecturing as a professor. I feel this will be a great way to stay up to date and involved. 

LC: What is something no one knows about you?

A: I have a fear of heights, but I love zip-lining. Something about running off the edge of a cliff feels so unnatural, yet exhilarating. 

LC: Advice for someone who is interested in your field of work?

A: Get involved and always keep educating yourself (books, scholarly journals, hands-on experience, school) anyway that you can. And most importantly, never let anyone tell you that “you can’t.” 

Quick Choices:

Favorite Social Media Platform: Instagram
Favorite Hot Spot in NYC: 1. New Chili and Curry – a hole in the wall restaurant situated in Long Island. It’s a little bit of a drive, but the Thai-Indian fusion cuisine is well worth it! 2. Youngs Farm – Also a little bit of a drive, but a beautiful farm that has farm to table cheese and pies made fresh and on site daily (my favorite is the raspberry-peach pie)!
Bucket List Travel Location: Iceland
Best De-Stressor: Animals - whether it’s playing with them, or watching them on TV. Animals tend to soothe my soul.