What The Movie Zootopia Taught Me About My Career

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Last year, Zootopia, a Disney film made millions at the box office. Kids and adults alike enjoyed the film while snacking on stale popcorn and overpriced candy. With laughs and giggles came my ah-ha moment and this little Disney movie taught me more about my career than any book, blog, or counselor ever good. 

Everyone can tell you what you can't do.

Starting at a very young age, Judy Hopps was told that she couldn't be a police officer. That there has never been a rabbit cop, and while there probably won't be a rabbit cop in our lifetime. The fact that she refused to give up and she figured out a way to silence those who didn't think she could be a cop is inspiring. You watched as she went through an academy not built for her, but she figured it out and made her mark. 

The most unlikely match is often the best.

When Judy was hustled by a fox, an animal that her parents and the rest of the world warned her about she continued to pursue a positive outlook. This showed no matter what personalities you work with, the one that annoys you the most is the one that challenges you and can become the ying to your yang. 

When you feel defeated taking a step back will launch you forward. 

After Judy had found the predators that went wild, she was pushed into the spotlight, but the case still hadn't been solved, and she was asked to take on a role that she didn't want to do. Instead of going with the flow she decided to take a step back which reenergized her enough to crack the case. This proved that PTO days exist for a reason, they need to be used so you can see there is more to the world that what you say everyday. You'll always come back bigger and stronger. 

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