The Four LinkedIn Tips You Need To Live By

LinkedIn is one of the most useful tools for working professionals. It allows you to showcase what you've done during you working career, who recommends you, and how you connect with others. And, while LinkedIn is a great tool, not many take the time to sharpen it (so to speak). 

We are arming you with four tips to make the most of one of the best networking sites out there.

1. Professional Headshot

As simple as it sounds to put your best foot forward, many profiles still host selfies or half faced photos (the photo where someone else was with you and you cropped them out). You can only make a first impression once, and that includes in the digital realm. If you do not have a professional photo, it's easy to hack through taking one. Pick a solid color background with good lighting, have your friend or spouse focus on you mid-chest up. Take a few, sharpen slightly and add some light using a photo app then upload until you can get a professional one. 

2. Fill Out The Volunteer Section

Do you remember filling out your college applications? Having extracurricular activities showed that you were a well-rounded candidate. Nothing has changed, recruiters take a look at the whole person nowadays. The reason? In one word, culture. The workplace culture is important to senior staff looking for candidates. They want to make sure who can mesh with their current staff.

3. Be Mindful of Your Contact Information

Making sure all of your contact information is professional is key. It is hard to type in into and email and want to continue to reach out. But, adding your social media handles when you don't use them often or they don't compliment your professional goals could also be damaging. Feel free to share your Twitter handle if you tweet about things you are working toward in your professional life, ditch it if all you do it tweet about The Bachelor and your dinner. 

4. Join the Conversation

Be active with your contacts, and I don't mean hit the like button and move on. Discuss what they are posting, start a post to try and invoke conversation amongst your peers. Voice your expertise and soon enough you'll become the go-to expert.

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