Adult Party Foods For Kids

Parties these days include more littles than they used too, and with that comes new challenges -- the menu. We always put out what we like to call a wine board (only because we don't know the fancy name for it), but the kids that come to our parties don't care for cold meats, jelly, "hard bread," or olives. They do however want to feel like they are just as cool as the grown ups. This was when we started to create kids boards. We found a beautiful large wooden cutting board with brushed nickel handles (thank you Ikea) so the kids could carry it easier for refills, and there are refills.

My go-to combo:
Cheddar Cheese
Ritz Chips
Baby Carrots
Mozzarella Balls
Milano Cookies (because they look grown up)

Since juice boxes are for "babies," we like to pour their honest juices into a plastic champagne glass and drop a couple of pieces of fruit in them. We've found that the littles try to act older during cocktail hour. Then off they go with a snack box and water cups to the play room, but for those brief thirty minutes, they feel like they are a part of the "old" crowd.

What do you do to included the littles at grown up parties?