48 Hours in Big Bear Lake, California

A quick two hour getaway from Las Vegas and a welcome escape from the dry heat for locals, Big Bear Lake is a popular destination. According to many travelers, the fresh air, lake, and charming city center are just some of the reasons they spend their weekend in Big Bear.

Our family decided to rent a cabin and give it a try. We booked a three bedroom cabin through Airbnb. The modern home rental site was just as simple as the commercials make it out to be, and we received exactly what was shown, and since it was through a rental company, we have 24-hour on-call service (bonus). The cabin was a mile outside the middle of town which made it easy to walk into town.

We spend the first part of our day downtown. The same (charming, as told by other travelers) downtown area was just as quaint as you'd think a mountain town would be, but it was packed sardine-style. The wait for pizza was almost two hours. But, luckily the ice cream stands were only a ten-minute wait. If you are heading into town during a popular weekend, make sure you are on your game when it comes to eating times. 

During the afternoon we headed to the Alpine Slides. This should be something on everyone's to-do list, they don't disappoint, and you certainly can take almost any age child. They have two tracks for you to chose from, a fast and a slow track. I recommend the fast because you can fly like the wind. 

The next morning we, of course, went out on Big Bear Lake with friends. The water was chilly, but everyone jumped in anyways. Since we visited during the Fourth of July, we ended up on the boat watching fireworks that evening. If you've never been to Big Bear Lake during fireworks, you are in for a treat. Watching the fireworks from a boat is the only way to go. The ride back is even better, when you look backward and see all the boat headlights you will feel as if you were in a pirate movie.

Top picks for the trip:

Places To Eat

Pancakes at the Teddy Bear Restaurant
Sweet Basil Bistro for Italian Food
North Pole Fudge Company for your sweet tooth

Things To Do

Big Bear Alpine Zoo
Alpine Slides
Hiking Trails