What Is Money In A Career?

We need money. 

We need a job.

Why does the combination often lead to more stress than not?

When entering the workforce in our twenties, we have a preconceived notion that making a lot of money will lead to happiness, financial freedom, and overall a better life. But, newsflash it doesn't. If I just burst your hopes and dreams of making it through your 20's career life, I am sorry. But, finding a balance between work, life, and what financial freedom means to you, means more than the zero's at the end of your check.

It's human nature to need to feel a sense of continual progress and purpose to stay motivated in life. That is one reason why it can be frustrating to work hard through your twenties, finally land the lucrative pay you've been yearning for, only to be completely dissatisfied shortly after that. 

Don’t read this wrong—money is an essential part of life. It impacts when you can reach the financial goals that will deliver on the quality of life you desire. And what you earn now determines what you’ll command in your next position. It is just not everything, and that can be a harsh reality check.

Part of the journey through your career is recognizing that income itself has a minuscule daily impact on how you feel and may encourage you to reevaluate potential opportunities with honesty. What do you value in a job? Something as simple as taking a pay cut to work for an inspiring mentor, working a little less to raise your family, or starting at the bottom again because the potential for growth is rampant. 

Money is there to help you with your needs, but wants are more complex than the number shown in your bank account. You want security, passion, friendship, and growth. Finding a company that can do that 's hard, but not out of reach. 

So while you may be contemplating your next move, or deciding if you want to stay in your current position, don't let money be the single factor of choice. Because money in a career is not everything, and sometimes it's nothing. You spend more time with the people you work with than your family on average, is money worth misery? Only you can decide that.

How do you view money in a career? Is it worth it? What would you tell other readers? Sound off in the comments below or email us at homebase@lifecyclediaries.com.