The Skill You Need To Master Before Minimalism Will Work For You.

Put the free pen, coupon, stickers, and keychains down.

Put them down.


We've been conditioned to think that things in life don't come free. But, we can dispute that whole heartily. There are a lot of things that are free. Whether it be physical or mental, free is floating around everywhere you go. 

One of the struggles people face when converting or trying to live a more minimalist lifestyle is the amount of things that start to accumulate before you even realize you've got mountains of stuff lying around. 

Walk into your kitchen, open your junk drawer because we all know we have one. Look inside and survey how many free things you have in there. Whether it be a pen, sunglasses with a random logo, keychains, stress balls, or post-it notes. It may be a little overwhelming to study what is in there. 

When you begin your journey toward minimalism, it is easy to feel hyped up in the beginning. Your first time decluttering is invigorating you feel like nothing will stop you. Then real life sets in, and you start to not see the harm in taking a free pen here, a notepad here, and then bam you've got a mountain of crap again. The same can be said for non-materialistic things. How many times have you processed someone else's mood and internalized it in your internal junk drawer? How many times do you sift through your junk e-mail to get to something you've been looking for? It can be everywhere, and it can multiply if you are not careful.

With everything moving at the speed of light, how can you feel like you are keeping on track? It is a very simple craft to work on each day, it's called being mindful. You have to concentrate on everything from your mindset to the things you do on a daily basis. No matter if you are offered free samples at Sephora, or a tote bag you know you'll never use or re-gift. Be mindful to how you will use "free" and stay on track. 

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