Talking To Your Family About Minimalism

While many people decide to start their journey to minimalism, the majority will fail. Not because the want to succeed isn't there, but because your surroundings are not prepped in advance. Whenever you make a lifestyle change, you have to prepare first and foremost with your village. Until your village understands that you are letting go of something good for something great, you will have to be transparent and open with why you want to make a change. Here are some common questions you'll be asked and how you can answer them.

1. Why?

Here is your time to be honest with yourself and your village. Pinpointing why you decided to become a minimalist is crucial for success. Is it because you are trying to minimize your belongings so you can travel, you are concerned about the environment, or you don't want to spend hours cleaning? Being honest why you are becoming a minimalist can help give your village the direction to support you. 

2. Does this mean we can't go out anymore?

A lot of people associate minimalism with being a cheapskate, and that isn't the case. Explain to them that going out is exactly why you want to be a minimalist. Whether you are hiking, road tripping, or enjoying a new brunch locations, being a minimalist allows you the financial and time freedom to do so. When you are not focused on buying material things, you can enjoy this little thing called life.

3. How am I supposed to buy you a gift?

It is human nature to think automatically, how are someone else's actions going to affect me? This one is simple though, they have to re-think their gift-giving ways. What can we do together as an experience? Is there an everyday item like gas, groceries, or lunch that you can give? I don't know about you, but I love when my mom gives me grocery cards, and I'm 30! 

4. What are you going to wear?

Being a minimalist doesn't mean you change your style or the identity you have. It just means that you are more aware of what you are buying and if it can be made into more than one outfit. Trends are not something you worry about anymore. Being a minimalist doesn't mean trading a pink blazer in for all white, black, gray, and brown. 

5. How can I become a minimalist?

Some people will genuinely be interested in learning more about how you are living your life. Especially if you start to exude the personality, they are reaching for. When this question comes up, answer with a simple one step at a time. Then go ahead and share your struggles, favorite books, websites, etc. 

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