Simple Tips To Travel More in 2k17

By: Krystle Olsen

Travel. It’s the one thing that everyone wants, yet elusive enough that many of us find ourselves asking, “How the heck can I add more travel to my life?” If you’re anything like me, then the wanderlust is REAL. And while I’d fall head over flip-flops for the opportunity to go on a whirlwind tour around this fancy sphere called Earth, my bank account doesn’t entirely agree with that agenda. So what’s a girl to do? She gets creative. That’s what.

Adding more travel to your life doesn’t have to mean exotic islands, globe-trotting adventures, and a whole lot of dollar signs — although, I’m game for all of those scenarios if anyone wants to invite me — it just means making travel a priority and turning those travel dreams into a reality.

Step 1: Schedule It Out

Americans are notorious for leaving their hard-earned PTO on the table every year, even though we can all agree that vacations not only recharge employees but also provide a higher quality of overall well-being. Trust me; I get it. It’s hard to step away from life at times. Perhaps you’re finishing college, working a demanding job, starting a budding career, or overwhelmed with family responsibilities (all of you parents out there are serious superheroes); but it’s important to take time and hit the “reset” button every once in a while. And that’s where vacations come in.


Just as you schedule your staff meetings, yoga classes, girls nights, and date nights, deliberately carve out vacation time as well. That way you'll avoid the trap of thinking, "There's always next month, next summer, next year." If you can't get away for an entire week, plan your vacations around those long holiday weekends.

Step 2: The More the Merrier!

What's better than a long weekend hanging out with your closest friends? How about a long weekend full of adventure with your closest friends. Traveling with friends will lighten the load on your wallet as you'll be able to split the costs -- car rentals, gas money, and hotel rooms are a lot cheaper when split four ways. Not to mention, car-karaoke is waaaaaay more fun when you have people to laugh with sing with.

Step 3: Home, Sweet, (almost) Home

If you have a limited budget and significant time constraints, think outside of the box and stay local. Consider weekend getaways and short road trips to fantastic locations within your home state. Perhaps you live near a National Park, or maybe you're ready to sneak away to the big city for a weekend of shopping and late-night adventures. Whatever your travel style, you can't go wrong with an adventure close to home. You'll have the adventurous spirit of a traveler, the inside knowledge of a local, and a smaller impact on your wallet. Win, Win, Win.


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