The Eight Reasons Why Your Career Flourishes In Your Thirties

We spend our late teens into our twenties always worried about not making a mistake that could lead to us being fired. So much so that you can overlook some of the most valuable learning opportunities. It isn't until you reach your thirties you start to understand those opportunities and embrace them. We asked four women to share two reasons why their career is better now in their thirties.

1. You know your productive window and plan work that needs your attention the most around it. 

2. You've learned your alcohol tolerance, and can happily experience happy hours mid-week without a pounding headache the next day.

3. Executive management has had the time to see your potential and trust you more, which can lead to more opportunities in your company.

4. The tough conversations are still tough but flow a little easier. Whether you have to reprimand someone, receive criticism, or fire someone, it is all a little bit easier. 

5. You are now in a position where you can make a bigger difference. Fostering a team and watching them flourish is more fulfilling as you grow in your career. 

6. Office drama doesn't faze you anymore. You can now brush it off and not be as tempted to get involved. 

7. You've had time to understand what you need in a company. 

8. Work-life balance becomes more manageable.

Overall when speaking to these women, they shared that confidence is much higher which translates into an easier time fostering a team, delegating work, finding opportunities that match your goals, and negotiating your needs.