A New Way To Look At "Followings"






Your followers, friend list, blog hits, and subscribers. A number that has nothing, but everything to do with the way we view ourselves in the digital age. All too often your mindset of how you are succeeding in different areas in life (friendship or your creative projects) is clouded because someone else has more.

Here me out. 

It is human nature to want to feel wanted and life in social media is no different. It is no wonder why so many women are looking around saying to themselves "I have great photos, I do fun things, my outfits are great. So why am I not gaining a following?" The wonder of what could be wrong with you when you start to see others who have droves of followers and friends, and you're still topping out at a couple hundred runs rampant. Your mind automatically wanders to thoughts on not being good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, or cool enough. 

What you have to stop and realize is that a large following and extensive friends lists don't hold a candle to what matters, your real friends. Which you have, and you know you have. They are the friends that don't just hit the like button when you have a big life event. They are the person who double taps your photo, but then shows up a couple of hours later with dinner in hand when you had your first child. And, that is something that large followings can't give to you. When the going gets tough, your followers (or the followers you think you need) are not going to be at your front door. They won't be there holding you as you sob or jump up and down together. 

I want to challenge you to look into someone's following, past their likes and start to read comments. There may be canned answers, and some generic here and theres, but substance is missing. Try thinking of feeling like you need a following like everyone else this way. We all went to high school right? There were always the girls who were most popular, but they peaked there and you went on to do bigger and better things. Social Media is high school all over again, but this time we can skip the embarrassing puberty stages and pour a glass of wine when needed. 

Don't worry about a number on your screen. Believe in what you do, be who you are, and the true friendship and following will come. 

Now let's hear from you. What are your thoughts on social media following vs. your real friends?