The Queen of Color

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Career Crush: Celina Mancuso (Instagram: cc_fo_drizzzle)
Occupation: Hairdresser
Years in Occupation: 3

LifeCycle: Why did you decide to be a hairdresser specializing in coloring? 

Celina: I can't think of a time that I didn't love doing hair. I feel like it's my calling, I knew at a young age, so I went to a career and tech high school to get my license earlier than most, and have been doing it ever since. I love being able to give people something new. 

L: What is your favorite part about being a hairdresser?

C: I don't feel like I have a real job, which means I found my passion. I feel so lucky not feeling like I am working. I get to have fun and be creative every day. I think it's cool being able to hang out with people all day and do crazy things like turning their hair green, on purpose.

Queen of Color

L: You've been deemed the queen of color, and for a good reason. Why are you so passionate about unique colorings?

C: Since it's becoming more socially acceptable to have uniquely colored hair, I love being able to help clients push through their comfort level and create the ultimate fashionable accessory that they will wear every day. Expressing yourself through your hair is liberating, and I get to help push the envelope. We are all secret badasses; your hair gets to help convey that message.

L: If you could predict hair color trends for the next three years, what would we see?

C: A lot of 90s haircuts are coming back as well as colors. Steadily we saw the "lived in look" and I love that look, but think that people will head back in time for streaky highlights or high contrast, especially in high fashion. 

L: Beyond being a hairdresser, how do you want to professionally grow in your field? 

C: I want to continue to further my education and be able to teach and interact with other hairdressers. I recently started to work with TIGI on their collective team, and I'm excited to see where that will take me. I'm also putting this out in the universe; I will style hair for fashion week someday. 

L: What is something no one knows about you?

C: My natural hair color is brown. Haha, now though it's always something crazy. 

L: Advice for someone who is interested in your field?

C: Be prepared to work for it. There is so much to learn when you get out of school, assisting was the best thing that I ever did. I learned so much from that. I also thinking just knowing that it doesn't happen over night you have to hustle to get clients and stay busy, but if you love it, it is so worth it. Your talent will attract clients. 

Quick Choices:
Favorite Social Media Platform: Instagram
Favorite Movie: 13 going on 30
Bucket List Travel Location: Greece
Sky Diving or Bungee Jumping: Sky Diving 

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