Hanson. MMMBopping Back Into My Heart.

I was 11 years old when my best friend and I went into a Sam Goody. She had enough allowance to buy the first Hanson album, Middle of Nowhere. It was orange, it had three, at the time in our mind hottest guys alive (next to JTT of course) on it. When she handed the cashier her money, and the CD was ours, we sat in her mom's car reading every lyric, and every thank you, we looked at the photos and wished that her mom had a CD player in the car so we could listen to it. Instead, we had to way the excruciating 25-minute drive home before we could jump out of the car, run into the house and MMMbop all night. Which we did, over and over, that was in between taking the time to carefully rip or cut out photos from Teen, M, or whatever magazine they were featured in. We loved them.

I still remember the phone call from her on a Tuesday morning before school. "We got them, she said, My parents were able to get three tickets." Oh yes, these two girls were going to drive eight hours to Denver, Colorado to watch Hanson perform. The concert was everything we wanted it to be and more. 

Then, we both grew up and went our ways. That was until I received another email on a Tuesday morning in March from my very first best friend. It read: They are touring, they are coming to your city, I will fly in, we have to be there. Hanson, October 25th at House of Blues, are you in?

My response. Yes.

20 years after our first concert, it was time to embark on the feels that have been hidden away. Those squealing smiling too hard for any human face 11-year-old girls. 

For most kids, when you are 11 years old, being carefree is almost a prerequisite. While it wasn't for me, Hanson was always my escape. We moved a lot, I worried about meals, education and general topics no 11-year-old should have to think about. But, when I put my Hanson CD on, I was taken away. I was able to be carefree. I was able to dance and sing (poorly) to all of the songs on the Middle Of Nowhere CD. I listened to it so much the scratches eventually took that CD's life. R.I.P.

Standing in line to see them, this time being able to buy alcohol seemed to take longer than when I was 11. I was so excited to see my very first best friend again and relive the memories. We both made matching shirts and truly lived a carefree evening including recreating our photo from when we were 11 (we switched on the height meter), and then it happened. The lights went down, and Hanson came on. They played all of the classics and a few of the recent hits like Penny and Me. But, it wasn't until that I was able to remember that one night in Denver. They played Man from Milwaukee because of that, that was our song and my friend, and I lost it. We let out the biggest omg, squeal and jumped holding each other's hands. 

Back in the days where wearing oversized t-shirts and tube socks were a thing, so were boy bands. Being a fan of a boy band is a right of passage. So whether it was New Kids, N-Sync, Jonas Brothers or Hanson. Find your boy band and be okay living out that life again, even for a night. Because the joy relieving some of the most fun nights of your life are worth the mocking (just my husband?).

Who is your boy band?

1997 to 2017 (Her dad wouldn't come this time, so we decided to bring him anyway)

1997 to 2017 (Her dad wouldn't come this time, so we decided to bring him anyway)