Christmas Traditions

The older you get, the faster the holiday's come, but when you were little, it took forever. So, our Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Teachers and Coaches would all come up with holiday activities that only helped your excitement grow until the big day. 

Traditions can be big or small, but no matter what they are they are usually memorable. The day will come (if it already hasn't) that you will be in charge of maintaining these holiday traditions and then creating some of your own. 

Breathe. It isn't so bad because it isn't about how big your new traditions are that matter it is about the love and passion behind them. Here are some of our family's traditions!! Share your traditions in the comments.

1. Santa Letter Ornaments - Secretly, I've been saving my little munchkins letters to Santa each year and putting them in a clear ornament. This way, I can remember what was asked for each year and when he gets older he will have a fun memory when he has kids or is old enough to appreciate these kinds of memories. 

2. Christmas Eve Stockings - On my husband's side of the family, started before we had my son, Santa would leave a "Santa Bag" under the tree on Christmas Day. They didn't have stockings, which is something I had growing up. When we combined families, we combined traditions in a new way. On Christmas Eve, a friendly family competition ensues in the evening followed by a stocking exchange and eating way too many Christmas cookies. It doesn't matter how old you are when you open a gift when other shiny gifts are staring you down, and you crave Christmas morning. 

3. Christmas Movie Night - Once the packages have been torn into, cinnamon rolls have been eaten, it is time to pop the popcorn and watch our favorite Christmas movie to end the holiday. What is our favorite family movie? It's Jingle All The Way!! No one likes you Booster.