The Less Challenge

It is the middle of the night, and you step on lego's trying to get to the bathroom. You have five minutes to get ready, but you have so much make up your brain can't narrow down how you want to look quick enough, and your closet looks like a war zone on a daily basis. 

Sound familiar? Did you know that up to 80 percent of Americans live this way each day? In an already fast paced world, slowing down mentally and physically may be just what the doctor orders. 

Let me introduce you to "The Less Challenge," a challenge that will help you clean out the weight of stuff and mental clutter. The rules are simple, and you do NOT have to throw anything away (just yet).  Here is how it works:

Step One: Pick any room in the house. My personal favorites are the kitchen, kids bedroom, or the master closet. 

Step Two: Get two sealable boxes (any size, your call). 

Step Three: Take things that are similar in use, and put them in the box. For example, if you are in the closet and you have eight t-shirts hanging up, put three to the side and pack the rest. If you are in the kitchen and you have four plates per person in your home, put two sets in the box. 

Step Four: Once you've paired down the room you chose, seal up the box and put it somewhere out of site and out of mind. 

The next step is going to be your ah-ha moment. Live without what you put away for a whole month. Almost 90 percent of the time you won't even notice what you packed away is gone, but mentally you will feel so refreshed seeing what you use on a daily basis in its place. After the thirty days are complete, and you don't feel the need to unpack anything, donate it to a women's shelter. You're not only doing good in the community, but you will feel relieved. A feeling you can only describe to someone if they've been in your shoes. After you have finished this one month challenge, you can try it again and add another room in the mix.