This is me

The great Bill Nye once said, "Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't." It could not be any truer. Learning from each other is what makes our society great, and I am a firm believer that traveling can help strengthen your knowledge of not just people and the world around you, but also yourself.

Back Story:

I used to love to write. I began blogging back in 2008, before blogging blew up, or maybe right as it did. A little time after that, I started to compare, and write the way I saw bloggers who were “making it” write. I tried to be a fashion blogger, then a fitness blogger, a mommy blogger and then some kind of hodge-podge combo of all of them. It was exhausting and I stopped having fun.


Meghan Baylee

A self-proclaimed, good at everything but not great at one thing, Meghan brings an array of topics to contribute to LifeCycle Diaries. The creator of a popular blog, VioletSage, her Lazy Girl Fitness and Minimalism life tips were pinned favorites. As a career woman, loving wife and mother trying to find balance, Meghan is working toward paving her path and making her own set of rules. She has a wanderlust heart and lives in one of the most visited cities in America. 

Meghan will be writing for all the categories LifeCycle Diaries covers because she beats to her drum which allows for readers to have a unique look at their career, minimalism, travel, and everyday life.